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Scuba Diving in Gozo & Comino

Gozo is a beautiful place to dive with so many options available to suit all levels...mainly shore dives either walking in or giant stride entry - we can offer you the Inland Sea, Blue Hole, Xlendi, Marsalforn or Mgarr ix Xini.



Lots of beautiful natural reefs, caves and over hangs - with so much sea life in clear blue water it's a photographers paradise.

We mainly travel across on the Gozo Ferry but have also gone by Luzzu weather depending for a more relaxing ride - whats the rush!

Malta and Gozo have a hot, dry summer and a short, cool winter. Some consider the climate here to be the best in the world. Air temperatures average between 10-15°C/50-59°F in January and 21-30°C/70-83°F in July. Diving in malta is some of the best in the meditteranean. If you would just like to do some diving, there are lots of dive sites to choose from. Is doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a buddy, let one of our experienced instructors guide you around some of our stunning dive locations.

The warm Mediterranean waters around Malta provide a great variety of fauna, flora and fish. The sea beds are gardens of seagrass where wrasse hide, and a fanworm’s tentacles are like delicate petals on a flower as they gently sway to scoop up plankton. Orange and red starfish slowly traverse the rocks, and an octopus squirts ink from cracks. During the summer months seahorses can be found, and lucky divers may catch a glimpse of their ‘courtship dance’ as they hold tails and waltz on the current’s ebb. Groupers shelter in crevices, moray eels hide in holes, and red mullet dig for food in the sand with their whiskers. John Dory rise from the deep blue to the warmer waters during the winter – long spines decorate their dorsal fin like a centurion’s helmet.


  • Some diving experienced and/or diving certificate are required
ID: 13395; Divewise
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